Des Moines Siding Contractor!

Since Des Moines sits in the heart of the midwest, we also experience some extreme weather conditions. Additionally they will have effect on the siding of your home.  When your looking to re-side your home, you will need to choose a siding product that will withstand all types of conditions.  Weather in Des Moines has all the extremes, hot and humid in the summer, and also cold and snowy in the winter. There is also strong thunderstorms in the spring and fall.  We see it all, and your siding also must “weather” it all.  Choosing the right siding product is a must.

Siding Knowledge & Experience!

At Worth Exteriors we pride ourselves in being a family. Our family also has the knowledge and experience to help you and your family choose the right product.  No one wants to choose a product that fails in a few years. As well as choose a contractor that’s installing a product for the first time.  Worth Exteriors uses siding products that we have installed on our own families homes in Des Moines.  If we also wouldn’t install it on our home, we also won’t install it on your home.

Siding Products!

When looking for and comparing different siding products, read what the highlights of the different siding products are and test them for yourself.  Is the siding rot resistant? Drop a piece in a bucket of water and let it sit for a week or two.  Is the siding fire resistant?  Hold a small lighter next to it.  Does the siding get brittle in the cold?  Toss it in the freezer.  Worth Exteriors has tested and worked with all the siding products available in Des Moines, and we have the answers to your test questions.

The Worth Exteriors Difference!

After choosing a siding product to reside your Des Moines home, you want a contractor that will treat your home like their own.  The family at Worth Exteriors works by that motto everyday.  Many of us have been together for over 10 years, and with that comes a lot of experience.  Not only siding installation experience from working with the same siding products everyday. But the experience of how to handle storage and delivery.  The experience of working with manufacturers and suppliers. The experience of how to handle the un-expected afternoon thunderstorm.

We hope you will give the Worth Exteriors family a call and ask us to come show you what siding is best for your Des Moines home.

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