Derecho Storm Damage Repairs Still Needed

No single thunderstorm event in modern time, not even a tornado has wrought as much economic devastation as the derecho that slammed the midwest in August of 2020. 
The storm was blamed for four deaths. Cedar Rapids, Iowa was hit particularly hard, cutting power to almost the entire city of 133,000 people, and damaging most of its businesses and homes. The storm raced from Iowa to Indiana at the speed of 7.5 billion dollars in damages. 
At Worth Exteriors we care about our neighbors and are community and want to help. Even though this event was unforeseen, you’ll want to prepare a remodel plan once you decide to make repairs.  Because of the nature of the disaster,  we recommend that you should not attempt to do-it-yourself.  This could cause more issues and take a longer time to restore your home back to its original state or turn it into the home of your dreams. Instead, trust a professional company like Worth Exteriors and Interiors to assist you through the process.  We can provide you with professional advice and also work with your insurance company to make the process smoother for you.
After suffering damage from any storm, you will be suffering emotionally as well.  These events can take a toll on our well-being.  Being unprepared for a home renovation may also cause stress, which can make the process more difficult.  We want to help you stay positive,  so you can prevent these emotions from taking over and focus on making the best decisions moving forward.  Let us help you focus on the silver linings. We can help you have that dream home you have always wanted and we will make the process fun. A positive outlook will help you make the best renovation decisions for your home. Let us help you start to rebuild your life. We are here to help! 
We would love to hear your story and rebuild with you. Give us a call at 515 440-4622 or email us at