The Other Side Of Siding

The Other Side of Siding The siding on your home has two big jobs: look gorgeous, and act as a protective fortress. At Worth Exteriors and Interiors we choose to build with the best products out there. James Hardie makes the world’s highest performance fiber cement siding, trim, [...]

Environmental Awareness, Going Green

Environmental Awareness, Going Green LEARN MORE Did you know April is Environmental Awareness Month. Going green. Save the planet. Reduce, reuse, recycle. We hear these phrases all the time, typically we think of the environment. Worth Exteriors and Interiors is focussed on building green. We are [...]

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Derecho Storm Damage Repairs Still Needed

Derecho Storm Damage Repairs Still Needed No single thunderstorm event in modern time, not even a tornado has wrought as much economic devastation as the derecho that slammed the midwest in August of 2020.    The storm was blamed for four deaths. Cedar Rapids, Iowa was hit particularly hard, cutting power to almost [...]

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Replacing Your Old Siding, What To Expect

Replacing Your Old Siding,  What to Expect You've gotten that phone call you've been waiting for.  We are ready to start you siding project.  But you have a lot of questions about the process, you want to know how things will be done, what to expect.  This article from James Hardie has some [...]

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